Our Story

Becky Caton has a soft spot especially for dogs, her passion leading her to opening a daycare and boarding facility for dogs and cats. Having been around dogs her whole life, she’s spent the last 15 years as a volunteer to foster dogs, assisting over 100 dogs transition to their forever home.

“I have always loved animals. They need to be taken care of, so they go to a good home. If you foster them, you’ll give them a good sense of what family is like.”

The idea to build a kennel started years ago, after leaving their dog at a boarding facility in a nearby town for a weekend event, as there was not a local facility available. When they picked up their dog after the weekend, she was shocked to see that the dogs were kept in a kennel the entire time under dirty conditions. This began her dream to build a welcoming, environmentally friendly dog facility.

When she retired after 27 years in the medical unit at the Vermillion Army National Guard, she focused on making her dream a reality. Countryside Bed & Biscuit broke ground in June 2014 and though business started slowly, she quickly built a rapport with dog and cat owners and soon found the client list increasing substantially.  That following is based on trust and the feeling of safety and security that she is proud to give pets and their owners in her community!